Aircon Service Charges

You care about the air quality in your home or office all year long. This is why it is important for you to keep your AC system in good shape. A good, working air conditioner is one way to ensure air is always fresh, cool and pure. Hire our company to service or repair aircon when needed. Our aircon servicing charges are reasonable and our services are excellent.

We can help with many types of Singapore Aircon services including:

Air Conditioner Gas Refills
Chemical Washes
Replacements, and

These are some of the most common service requests we receive. If yours is not listed, please contact us. We can service any type of AC unit.

We know that you have many choices for aircon servicing companies. You can find most local services online and view reviews and testimonials about these places before you call or contact them for prices. We are sure that you will find that our prices for any of the services that we offer are fair and competitive.

If you are not sure what is wrong with your AC, contact us. Describe the issue and we can let you know what kind of service or repair you may need. Then we will send a technician out to your home or office to check the situation further. You will receive a free estimate for the service needed.

Many customers ask us if their AC unit is a make or model that we can handle. Of course it is! We are authorized to service and fix all major manufacturer aircon systems. Check our website out for more details and if you don’t see your aircon system listed, contact us. We can give you an idea of how much it will cost to fix it.

Aircon systems can be costly to repair. We do our best to ensure that your system is always serviced promptly and efficiently. Minor adjustments and filter changes or coil cleaning are often all it takes to geet an AC system up and running smoothly again. These are affordable services that will not break your budget. Contact us to find out more.

Remember that servicing AC units is more affordable than repairing or replacing them. However, if your AC is old and needs to be repaired we can offer you top models for afforable prices. We can also install your new system all for a price you can afford.

Dirty air conditioners use more power to keep a room cool. That means you are stuck with higher energy bills. These systems also let harmful bacteria and dust into a room. Paying for one of our affordable AC tune ups is a great way to get your AC operating more affordably. You can also be sure that the air it provides is clean and pure.

We take care of all types of aircon services from gas refills, chiller maintenance, and chemical washes. Contact us now to discuss your specific needs for a more accurate quote. We are pleased to offer you quality service and parts at prices that are sure to fit your budget.

How To Clean Your Window Grill

Cleaning and organizing your house is one of the best ways to improve the aesthetic appeal. You need to clean every nook and cranny to avoid further disappointment. Your windows and their grills are constantly exposed to harsh elements such as sunlight and dust. Dirty window grills make your home look unkempt and dirty so you need to clean them to keep the home neat and beautiful.

Here are a few window grill cleaning tips you should consider.

1. Use A Cloth To Clean The Built-up Dirt

You can look for a good cotton cloth or an old pair of socks to clean your window grills. Dip the cloth into a mixture of water and vinegar or into detergent then start wiping the grills very gently. You can move your hand from one corner of the grill to the other and access all the areas with dirt effortlessly.

On the other hand, you can use a brush to clean the grills but clean up the remaining area using a cloth. If there are some stubborn stains, you should use a strong detergent for the best results.

2. Use A Brush To Clean Your Window Grills Regularly

Look for a premium quality brush with soft bristles to remove the dirt attached to the window grills. Remember, this is soft dust so you need to wear a face mask to avoid breathing it in. you can brush off the dust and grime from the grills before you can use any water. Next, pour some water into a container and pour it on the grills. You can use the brush to remove the remaining dirt.

There is a huge advantage of using a brush for the cleaning process. Note that, some dirt and grime is likely to get stuck on the grill because of continuous exposure to environmental elements. Therefore, it will remove all the particles present without any worries. If you want the best results, you should use a brush to clean your window grill regularly.

3. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Most people use harsh chemicals when cleaning the window grills looking for a way to finish the task faster. Note that, most window grills are manufactured using chemicals so these harsh chemicals are likely going to damage the grills leading to rusting. On the other hand, these harsh chemicals contain ingredients that have many health hazards so you need to be careful.

The best way to clean the grills involves using water and vinegar. You can maintain the original appearance of the grills without very minimal cleaning efforts. Even better, you will not leave any dirt behind. Therefore, your grills will have a shiny appearance once you are done and you can avoid making them rust.

4. Don’t Use Abrasives Or Adhesives

Avoid doing this because it will leave scratches on your grills thus ruining their appearance. Therefore, you need to use a soft cloth or a brush with soft bristles to avoid any further damage to your grills. Use these cleaning processes to leave your window grills looking brand new.

How to Choose a Door Contractor in Singapore

Once you decide to repair or install a new door in Singapore, it is time to choose a door contractor in Singapore. Do not repair or install a new door if you are not qualified for this job. Hire a door contractor because the contractor does not damage a door during installation. And the contractor makes sure the door functions efficiently.

Door contractors are professionally trained to install a door with maximum insulation. They can increase the energy efficiency of your home because they properly seal the door. They minimize future warps, dents, and scratches. And they can save you time.

Here is how to choose a door contractor in Singapore.

1. Place of Business

Before choosing a door contractor, make sure the door contractor has a permanent professional location. Contractors that have a stable place of business are committed to their business. They do not scam their clients. And they are reliable.

However, some door contractors do not have a place of business. They use a website to promote themselves. When you call them, they respond immediately. They might never do a perfect job because most of these contractors want to make quick money.

2. Insurance

A good door contractor has insurance. Accidents happen, so you must be prepared. Ask potential door contractors to show you their insurance cover. To confirm that their insurance certificates are valid, call their insurance company.

Do not choose a door contractor that does not have insurance. If an accident happens, you will pay for the damages. And if someone gets injured, you will pay the medical bills. So, choose a door contractor that has the right insurance coverage.

3. Complaints

Do not rush to select the first door contractor you will find in Singapore. Door contractors make mistakes. The best contractors are prepared and willing to fix these mistakes. When they get a complaint, the resolve that complaint immediately.

However, some door contractors do not care about their clients. If they make a mistake, they do not fix it. Most of these door contractors have a lot of unresolved complaints. And they get a lot of complaints regularly. Avoid these contractors.

4. Experience

The best door contractors in Singapore have been in this industry for several years. They have a proven track record because they have installed and replaced several doors. It is easy to find people who have hired these contractors. Talk to these people if you want to make an informed decision.

There are new door contractors. They have not proven themselves, so it is hard to know the quality of their service. It is much better to select a door contractor with a long history of satisfactory service. Avoid new contractors because they have not proven themselves.

If you want to choose a new door contractor, ask the contractor for their references. Talking to their previous clients can help you make the right decision.

You now know how to choose a door contractor in Singapore. A good door contractor has insurance. It has a good reputation. It has several years of experience. And it rarely gets complaints. To know more about this, you can contact  a5 door.

How To Locate A Good Locksmith In Singapore

Finding the right locksmith in Singapore doesn’t take too long if you know what you’re doing. You want to make it a point to find someone that knows what they are doing for a good price. Take your time to read through the tips here to find the information you need.

You need to locate a list of people who do work in your area. To do this, you’re going to want to search for the name of your city and the word locksmiths on a search engine type of website. It’s important that you put together as many results as you can so you have companies that you can research when you go through to the next steps. Try to have at least three locksmiths on your list to check out so you have options. You don’t just want to go with a random one or you may regret it.

Figure out what you’re going to have to pay to work with a locksmith before you have them come out to help you. It’s important to know whether or not they are going to do a good job for a price that is fair. You need to contact as many locksmiths in Singapore as you can to find out what people are charging on average in this part of the world. But, don’t just go with a cheap locksmith until you do more research because they may have low prices due to them not doing that good of a job with their past clients.

Always find a locksmith that has been doing this kind of work for a while. Or, at least find someone that has trained and knows what they are doing. When you contact a locksmith to learn about the prices they charge, you can also ask them about what kind of experience they have had with past clients. You need to work with people that have a good reputation and a lot of experience in the field or you may end up with someone helping you that just makes your problems a lot worse.

See if there’s a guarantee on the work that a locksmith does of some kind so you know that they are going to do their best to do the job right the first time. For instance, if they are making you keys for your car, then you need to know that if they don’t work that the locksmith is going to work on them again and again until they can get you the set that you’re paying for. You don’t want to pay extra for more help so if they don’t guarantee the work they do you may want to go with another locksmith.

A good locksmith in Singapore is now something you can find. It’s important that you don’t waste your money on a poor service or one that is charging too much money. You want to always go with who is going to do the best work for a price that is fair. Visit 247 dc facebook page for more information. 

Professional Aircon Servicing Woodlands

As someone who cares about the services performed at and around your home, you won’t leave your aircon servicing work to anyone. You do your research online, you ask friends and neighbors for referrals, and you carefully screen any HVAC company you find that seems highly rated. You have to find the very best company possible to take care of your aircon system.

At our Woodlands servicing company, HVAC is our specialty and so is taking care of our customers. We go over and above the services you might find from other companies and we make sure you get the best HVAC services at the best price.

Did you know that there are rebates available to customers with aircon systems? We do, and we make sure that you get any and all rebates when you use our company.

All Makes and Models

We service and repair all top manufacturer’s models and aircon systems. Give us a call and tell us what you need. We will send our technicians out in a timely fashion and have your aircon serviced promptly.

According to Cool earth aircon services, when an aircon unit is serviced regularly it will last longer and it will be less costly to operate. Any time you leave an HVAC unit to go without being properly cleaned or the filter changed, you leave it to breaking down sooner rather than later.

Even something as simple as a dirty filter can cause the unit to use more power to cool the house. This taxes the system and it causes you to pay higher electric bills. A dirty HVAC can do the same thing. The unit will require much more power to cool the house and will cost you more. When any AC system runs harder it tends to break down sooner and to need replacing sooner as well.

A clean system that has been serviced also pumps cleaner air into the home. This means everyone stays healthier!

Choose Us First In Woodlands

One look at our reviews and testimonials and you will see that we have been trusted to do great work on all types of aircon systems. We have been taking care of different types of aircon systems for many customers in the area for a long time. Our reputation is great for doing a professional job and for arriving on time for all appointments. We never leave without cleaning up after ourselves either.

Give us a call now. We will do whatever level of servicing is needed. We can do basic cleaning, filter change, and inspection. Or, we can do a full chemical wash to your aircon system. The moment we leave, you will notice how much better your AC runs and how much cooler your house is. You will also notice how much cleaner the air is inside!
When you call us to aircon servicing woodlands, you can expect to get the highest level of service. We offer free quotes on other services so contact us now for more information or to ask questions. We are here to help.

How To Find A Water Heater Installation Service In Singapore

Finding a water heater installation service in Singapore isn’t too difficult. The biggest problem is that not everyone is as reliable as they claim, so you’ll have to figure out a way to pick a reliable service. There are a few tips you could use to ensure you’re going to hire a reliable contractor, someone who’s going to do a seamless job, without leaving a mess behind them. This article shows you how to find the best contractor to help you install  water heater.

The first thing you can do is to search online for Singapore water heater install services. Make sure you take a look at all sponsored results, as well, because they may be the most efficient solution to your problem. Local contractors use search engine marketing to reach out to their potential clients. If they weren’t good, they wouldn’t have managed to thrive in such a competitive environment. The same applies to businesses that have the highest Google rankings. Being among the top three or four results is a sign of constant investment in SEO and digital marketing. Besides, all these Singapore companies would maintain English language websites, because they know this can be a very lucrative target market. There are so many international companies hiring expats in Singapore, that you can expect almost everyone to speak decent English.

Whatever you do to find potential contractors, you should avoid hiring anyone prior to checking their work experience, their background and their skills. Ideally, you should find someone with at least five years of experience in installing water heaters to residential and commercial clients. You may want to make sure they have installed the same brand and model of water heater as yours. Different manufacturers may have different tricks of the trade. They would share their special tips and advice only with their agreed water heater install services. This is why you should rather seek for one of them instead of hiring a random provider.

Client references are perhaps the most important information bit you need to make a great choice. Start by searching the web for client reviews, but get ready to email all these contractors top ask for client references, should you fail to find reliable customer feedback online. Reputable service providers will be happy to share the details of their other clients with you, as they are aware of the importance of these references.

Last but not least, avoid hiring the first water heater install service you come across. Although they may be able to do a great job, you’ll never know whether they were indeed the best or the cheapest you could possibly get. Why not ask three or four of them for a custom quote and then perform a side by side comparison of their offers? This is an excellent method for you to gain a good understanding of the market. It will enable you to make an informed decision, even in case you’ve just arrived in Singapore and you don’t know anyone in the city. To find out more, you can visit

Why Is My Aircon Not Cold?

You turned on the air conditioner and waited. You expected the house to start cooling off, but instead, you are still sweating. Why is the aircon not getting cold?

There are several reasons your air conditioner may not be getting cold. Let’s take a look at the most common causes and what you can do about them.

Cleanliness Is Next To Coldness – Dirt could be the answer to your air conditioner not working. If it is still cooling the air a little, this is the place to start.

Check the cooling fins and coils on both the front and back side of your air conditioner unit. If they are packed with dirt, your air conditioner cannot function effectively. This is something you can correct yourself, or call a technician to fix.

First, unplug the power from the air conditioner. Remove the covers so you can access the cooling coils and fins. You will notice the air conditioner has cold coils on the internal side and hot coils on the outside. You must clean both sets of coils to restore efficiency. You can use water to clean the fins and coils, but use caution not to get sensitive electronics wet. Also, do not use high pressure, since it can bend the soft radiator fins. You can use a soft brush to loosen stubborn dirt, but make sure not to bend the fins.

Allow the air conditioner to dry before restoring power and trying it. You will quickly know if this fixes the issue or not. If you notice the air is significantly cooler, you have solved the problem.

No Pressure Compressor Woes – If cleaning did not get the cold air flowing, you will probably need the help of an air condition specialist. The problem is probably in the compressor or lack of coolant. The technician can quickly check the compressor to see if it is running properly. If not, it will require the replacement of the compressor, one of the most expensive parts on your air conditioner. If the compressor has failed, you should compare the price of repair and replacement carefully.

The technician may discover the compressor is fine, but the system developed a small leak allowing the coolant to escape. It only takes a pin-size hole for the hot gas coolant to disappear. He will put the system under pressure to locate the leak and then repair it. After fixing the leak, the technician must recharge the system’s coolant. This type of repair is usually cost effective and will save you money over replacement.

Other Problems – While dirt, failing compressors, and coolant leaks are the most common causes of why the aircon is not cold, they are not the only causes. The thermostat may have failed and is no longer signaling the air conditioner to kick on the compressor. It will still allow the fans to run, depending on the system, but will leave the air warm.

The compressor is triggered by a small relay, which can fail, too. The technician will immediately notice if the compressor is not being signaled to start and can check these electrical systems. They are usually inexpensive repairs, but best left to a technician to diagnose and fix.

Always start by cleaning your air conditioner, but when that fails, you should call a technician to check the other options we just discussed.

Here Is What To Do If Your AC Isn’t Blowing Cold Air

When an air conditioner isn’t producing cold air, that can be due to a number of different problems. Ultimately, your AC isn’t doing what it needs to be doing for you. When the summer weather is in full force, circumstances like that can even create emergency situations for some people. Singapore is known for extremely hot temperatures during certain times of the year, so it’s important that you keep your AC up and running properly.

There can be situations where only a little cleaning and maintenance can help an AC to push out cold air once again. In those situations, continued neglect can also cause larger repair issues. You don’t want a bigger problem on your hands, and you definitely need cold air flowing throughout your home.

Are you familiar with the maintenance tips that you can take on yourself to help ensure that your AC runs properly? If you’re not aware of those tips, then you can look into what you can do to help keep your AC in tip top shape. HVAC technicians will even tell you some advice regarding caring for your AC.

For example, you certainly want to keep the unit clean, and you want to be sure that you also change the filter out regularly and on time. The recommended timeframe for changing out the filter is every 30 days. Perhaps you know all of the advice regarding maintenance for your AC, but your aircon is not cold and needs to be repaired. If that’s the case, then you need to know which company you are going to hire.

If you have not looked at the outside of the unit, then you may want to take the time to do that. If it needs to be cleaning, doing that work might actually help it cool your home once again. Even if it doesn’t, the outside of the unit needs to be clean anyway for when your unit does work again.

According to AS Aircon servicing, the same thing goes for that air filter. If it is time to change out the air filter, make it happen. You don’t want that evaporator coil freezing up. In fact, it already might have happened if your AC isn’t dishing out cold air. Then there are those issues that must be addressed by an HVAC technician. If there are repairs that need to be made, you are certainly wondering what they might be. You will find out from a trusted technician soon enough, but let’s look at what might be the problem.

First, it could be that a condenser fan motor might need to be repaired or replaced. It could be that your AC is low on refrigerant and needs a refill and/or leak repaired. The compressor might have issues, too. You will get a diagnosis after calling the repair company in Singapore that you plan to hire. After you also get a quote, you can move forward with getting the repair work done to your heating and cooling system.

Feature Wall Singapore, Inside And Out

When you think of a feature wall, do you feel about an outside feature wall singapoor one that is inside? Feature walls can be both, and each has their separate features and charm. Feature walls are designed to break up space and to give your eyes something different and perhaps unique to look at?.

Inside feature walls are great for spaces such as your lounge and can make your widescreen television stand out in the area by making the wall that it is hung on sparkle. There is a range of textures, patterns and styles that are used to make these surfaces stand out. Bright colours stand out while complementing other areas of the room that has been decorated to co harmonise.

Master bedrooms can come alive with a feature wall either at the bed head or on the opposite wall and bathrooms if large enough can pop with the use of different tiles, patterns or colours. You may decide to use the towel wear to carry the walls theme throughout the rest of the space.

Feature walls do not have to be expensive, and with some creativity, you can sketch out a design for a wall in your home that you can see is one that can be turned into a feature wall. Once you have sketched the rough idea, you can then begin to look for the materials to build it. If you are not the handy type you can always get a local designer and a small crew in to change that drab surface into sone thing that will make the room shine.

External walls are equally important depending on the type of wall that you are working with. Depending on your taste, you may choose to dress up your outside wall with training plants that leave a green trail where it drops, along with any colours of flowers that it may have. Concealed lighting is another way that you can enhance the outside walls if they are either visible from the living space or which are in areas used for external entertaining. Water features are also a way of using creativity to make huge changes to your space.

You can have an inexpensive water feature that falls down a wall to bubble at the bottom before the water is fed back up again. Being outside you can also use a range of natural finishes that may not be possible to use inside. Bamboo or reed finishes will give you a closer feel to nature as will using small shrubs or grasses that grow out of and have their leaves trail downwards the wall.

Feature walls do not have to be expensive items only available for the rich, they can be designed by almost anyone, and they can be easy to put into place depending on the complexity of materials that you will be using. Where possible you want to be as self-maintaining as possible, particularly those that are outside. Now it os your turn. Take a look at the inside and outside walls of your property and begin the process of sketching what changes could be made to enhance the space. Follow us to find out more about feature wall singapore.

Do You Know How Your Home Air Conditioner Affects The Environment?

Do you know how your home air conditioner affects the environment? Hopefully, in regards to the environment within your home, the effects are cool air leading to less humidity and lower temperatures in your home. In many parts of the country, this is essential for staying comfortable in the summer months, and in many states, it’s simply a necessity in order to stay healthy.

Unfortunately, most air conditioners also have an impact on the larger environment of the entire planet, and it’s not always a good one. In fact, there are three primary ways in which residential air conditioners have a negative influence on the world.

Greenhouse gases are the first and foremost way that AC units hurt the Earth. The coolants and refrigerants that many air conditioning units rely on to chill your air, or at least lower the temperature of it some, are chemical compounds that may leak out over time. They are so light that they head up into the atmosphere. Older ones were known as far back as the 1970s to destroy the ozone layer that shields the surface of the Earth from ultraviolet rays. The Montreal Protocol was an international agreement to phase out R22, commonly known as freon, which not only ate up ozone, but was itself a greenhouse gas that kept the sun’s energy in and thus warmed the planet, and it was dangerous to human health at a local level.

Replacement gases have been put into new systems for years, and older systems have been retrofitted with them too. However, while the new gases are less dangerous, many are still greenhouse gases that contribute to the planet heating up.

Local thermal pollution is another problem many air conditioners contribute to. Urban areas with high population density have many air conditioners running at once, both generating their own mechanical heat but also expelling the warmth from a home’s air into the local atmosphere. This makes cities much warmer places than the countryside around them, and the rise of hot air later in the day can create severe weather like pop-up storms.

Raw energy use is the third and final way in which air conditioners affect the environment. They simply need electricity to run and depending on the source of the electricity, there might be even more pollution involved in producing that power. Natural gas, petroleum, and coal-based power sources all contribute to global warming, not to mention contaminated soil and waterways. Even nuclear power can present problems through thermal pollution into the air and local waterways, although perhaps not as generally detrimental as fossil fuels are.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do about all of this. For starters, raise your thermostat to the maximum possible temperature everyone is safe and comfortable at. Second, run ceiling fans and draw curtains closed to help cool off rooms people are in. Make sure your vents, ducts, and actual AC unit are clear so that it’s not having to run harder than it has to, and that includes trimming back shrubs or plants around it. If at all possible, get your utility connections or power from renewable sources, and maybe even consider putting in solar panels on your roof. See if geothermal, wind, or hydroelectric power could be possibilities where you live.

Above all else, keep your system maintained to prevent inefficiencies and gas leaks. Upgrade or replace to newer energy-efficient technology as need be.

Now that you have read this article, you know what impacts your home air conditioner has on the world’s environment. However, you also know what you can do about it! Use every idea you can, because not only will they save the planet but also save you money!


History of IC Soft

he purpose of the ICSOFT-PT 2016, the 11th International Conference on Software Paradigm Trends, is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested on information technology and software development. This edition will focus in priority on the four main paradigms that have been intensively studied during the last decade for software and system design, namely: Models, Aspects, Services and Context.
These four paradigms will drive the design and development of future software systems encompassing a large number of research topics and applications: from programming issues to the more abstract theoretical aspects of software engineering; from models and services to the most complex management information systems; Distributed systems, ubiquity, data interoperability; context understanding and many other topics are included in the scope of ICSOFT-PT.