Tips for Travelling to Singapore

Whether it is your first time traveling to Singapore or you haven’t been in awhile and needed a refresher, Singapore is an enjoyable little city-state that is fairly easy to navigate but keep a few things in mind. Here are some pro tips for travelling to Singapore.

Dressing for the weather: With a tropical climate, it feels like summer all the time in Singapore. Usually, temperatures will hover between the high seventies and low nineties, but the humidity that comes with it can cause it to feel much warmer, and much stickier. The weather also swings between extremes of sunshine or downpour rain within minutes, so an umbrella and being prepared are key. You’re also probably going to do a lot of walking while you explore, so keep footwear on the sensible side.

Be prepared to spend a bit more: Globally, Singapore ranks on the more expensive side. It is easier to explore in a shorter amount of time, which is perfect if you are taking a shorter trip to help keep within your budget. While there are many attractions for a more budget-friendly experience, but compared to the surrounding areas, the costs in Singapore can be a little surprising. Skipping the fancy restaurants and hipper cafes is one way to save. The most authentic cuisine that Singapore is known for is down in the local hawking centers.

Public transport is inexpensive, safe, and very convenient: When you’ve tired of walking around, the public transport system in Singapore is quite extensive throughout the city. It is exceptionally maintained and easy to use with an EZ-Link card. This will automatically subtract your fare from the balance on the card. Many apps have been released similar to Uber or Lyft, as well as taxis and bike-sharing options.

Know the rules: Singapore is highly rated as one of the safest locations in the world. They have a strict stance on crime, and many of their rules are mostly common sense. Remembering basic manners will go a long way, while offenses can earn anything from caning or incarceration for things such as vandalism, in addition to high fines for littering if you’re caught.

Partying and smoking are expensive: Going along with their more expensive lifestyles, most people smoke and party on their vacations. There is a pretty high tax on alcohol in Singapore, so buying a bottle or getting a drink out can be quite costly. Sourcing out the best happy hour locations or purchasing your alcohol from the grocery areas will allow you to still drink without spending all of your money. Shops do have a cut off time of 10:30 p.m. for selling alcohol. Smoking is a rare thing, as it has been banned in all restaurants, a set area around public transports, and in clubs. Smoking appropriate zones are designated by a yellow smoker’s box.

Singapore is a buzzing hub of culture that is a wonderful place to visit and explore for any length of vacation. As with any trip, it’s important to research and be knowledgeable about the area you are visiting to enjoy your trip.