Feature Wall Singapore, Inside And Out

When you think of a feature wall, do you feel about an outside feature wall singapoor one that is inside? Feature walls can be both, and each has their separate features and charm. Feature walls are designed to break up space and to give your eyes something different and perhaps unique to look at?.

Inside feature walls are great for spaces such as your lounge and can make your widescreen television stand out in the area by making the wall that it is hung on sparkle. There is a range of textures, patterns and styles that are used to make these surfaces stand out. Bright colours stand out while complementing other areas of the room that has been decorated to co harmonise.

Master bedrooms can come alive with a feature wall either at the bed head or on the opposite wall and bathrooms if large enough can pop with the use of different tiles, patterns or colours. You may decide to use the towel wear to carry the walls theme throughout the rest of the space.

Feature walls do not have to be expensive, and with some creativity, you can sketch out a design for a wall in your home that you can see is one that can be turned into a feature wall. Once you have sketched the rough idea, you can then begin to look for the materials to build it. If you are not the handy type you can always get a local designer and a small crew in to change that drab surface into sone thing that will make the room shine.

External walls are equally important depending on the type of wall that you are working with. Depending on your taste, you may choose to dress up your outside wall with training plants that leave a green trail where it drops, along with any colours of flowers that it may have. Concealed lighting is another way that you can enhance the outside walls if they are either visible from the living space or which are in areas used for external entertaining. Water features are also a way of using creativity to make huge changes to your space.

You can have an inexpensive water feature that falls down a wall to bubble at the bottom before the water is fed back up again. Being outside you can also use a range of natural finishes that may not be possible to use inside. Bamboo or reed finishes will give you a closer feel to nature as will using small shrubs or grasses that grow out of and have their leaves trail downwards the wall.

Feature walls do not have to be expensive items only available for the rich, they can be designed by almost anyone, and they can be easy to put into place depending on the complexity of materials that you will be using. Where possible you want to be as self-maintaining as possible, particularly those that are outside. Now it os your turn. Take a look at the inside and outside walls of your property and begin the process of sketching what changes could be made to enhance the space. Follow us to find out more about feature wall singapore.

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